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Smart farming is on everyone’s lips and farmers must now set the course for agriculture 4.0. Whether drones, robots or special sensors: The future of agriculture is digital.

The automatic milking of cows, the use of drones on fields and the measurement by means of sensors of arable land are already part of everyday life in agriculture. The digitization of the agricultural industry is changing the industry sustainably. Hardware and software solutions are becoming increasingly important for farms to remain efficient and competitive.

The competition and the price pressure of the dealers has become increasingly tougher in recent years. Automated processes and intelligent technologies have become the elementary economic factor for every farmer. Not only agricultural know-how, but especially the search for a competent consultant for digital technologies is always challenging farmers. Etree is at your side when it comes to expanding and setting up your agricultural IT.

Agricultural IT: The application possibilities are manifold.

Drones accurately measure countries, can distribute plant protection products precisely and take pin-sharp aerial photographs of plant populations. Drones can monitor whole herds of sheep and cattle in detail. Programmable drones can even target hatching wasp eggs, which are used for the bilogical control of pests. In this way, insecticides can sometimes be completely avoided.

Agricultural machines are equipped with modern measuring and sensor technology. For example, important information about the nutrient and water requirements of plants can be determined. As a result, costs for substances such as seeds, fertilizers and pesticides can be minimized.

Digitization as a challenge for the industry.

Farmers see digitization as an opportunity.

More and more farmers have to fight with low producer prices. The increasing decline in milk prices is just one example of many. So digital solutions are essential for efficient operation. Not only can productivity be increased, but the environment can benefit from digitization as well.

52% of surveyed farms consider digitization as one of their biggest challenges. This clearly shows the potential and significance of Agriculture 4.0 in the future.

Etree offers not only the hardware and software for a successful agricultural IT, but also advises you on all issues around the topic of digital agriculture.

What are the biggest challenges for your company?*

Low agricultural producer prices
Foreign competitors
Weak foreign demand
Lack of qualified employees
Cost of digitization

Source: Bitkom, DBV

Automation: The future drives autonomously.

Autonomous driving is already widespread in agriculture today. Three quarters of the large tractors sold in Germany have automatic steering systems. This allows farmers to precisely edit their fields. Automated machines unload the seeds and document the position of each individual plant. Later, harvest robots can then use images and sensors to detect whether the plants are ripe and bring them in automatically.

Good farm management helps to optimize mission and path times, machinery and resources by analyzing data so that costs can be identified and thus better planned.

With our broad product range and good relationships in the industry, we can offer the latest hardware and software at best prices.

Agriculture 4.0 affects many areas

Source: Bitkom, DBV