Grazian Twonski

Managing Director ETREE Group

Grazian Twonski, born in 1985, is responsible for the strategic business development of the ETREE Group and its further international growth.

He studied industrial engineering at the University of Cologne and completed his education as a graduate industrial engineer. During and after his studies he worked in the energy and automotive industry, but has always had the urge to create something of his own. He succeeded in founding the ETREE GmbH in Cologne in 2010.

In 2017 he founded ETREE sp z.o.o. with his business partner Peter Voigt. based in Wroclaw / Poland.

Peter Voigt

Managing Director ETREE Branch Poland

In the third quarter of 2017, ETREE Sp. Z o.o. the polish branch of ETREE Group was founded. Managing Director Peter Voigt has not only expanded his network through his previous work with Polish wholesalers and through his e-commerce and logistics studies, but has also been able to gain experience in the implementation and development of end-user, B2B and manufacturer sectors. He is responsible for the business processes and development of the polish branch.